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Over 46 Years of IT Services for Business Growth and Efficiency

Founded in 2023 with over 46 years of combined experience, Ram-Techs was built to help small businesses, enterprises, and public sector clients maximize technology for growth, productivity, and security.

With extensive backgrounds serving small shops to Fortune 500 firms, state agencies, and federal systems, Ram-Techs founders Justin Johnson and Michael Dorfman provide unmatched IT skills. Our services range from basic desktop support to complex infrastructure builds for optimal reliability, performance, recoverability and regulatory compliance.

Whether you’re a 5-person office or a global manufacturer, we become an integrated part of your team to provide tailored ongoing management, project deployment, advice and training. Our experience spans from Windows and MacOS environments to custom Linux solutions and virtualized infrastructure.

Key Capabilities:

– Proactive Monitoring & Maintenance
– Help Desk & User Support
– Data Protection & Recovery
– Infrastructure Optimization
– Cloud Integration & Migration
– Productivity Application Management
– Cybersecurity Assessments & Planning
– Compliance & Policy Guidance
– Technology Training

With broad expertise serving diverse industries and environments, Ram-Techs can enhance your systems and support your users while you focus on driving your business ahead. Discover how our customized IT solutions can empower your objectives. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson

Justin Johnson was instrumental in building high-performing technology teams to support critical infrastructure at the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT). As Team Lead for NTT DATA on the TxDOT account, Justin consistently delivered services ahead of service level agreements and maintained customer satisfaction levels in the top tier.

Seeking to create deeper organizational capabilities, Justin spearheaded an initiative to assemble an in-house staff within TxDOT to manage key systems and software development. He hand-selected a cohesive group of infrastructure engineers, including the talented Michael Dorfman, to build out this new team. Johnson has an impressive ability to recognize top technical talent and motivate them to achieve a shared purpose.

The team Justin put together quickly became known for both technical excellence as well as strong interpersonal collaboration. They developed a track record for creative problem solving, finding ways to maintain legacy systems while rapidly prototyping modern architecture concepts to prepare TxDOT systems for the future. Justin credits the group's cohesiveness and balanced skill sets for their ongoing success.

Throughout his various leadership roles, Justin has maintained a consistent methodology grounded in attention to detail, direct engagement at all levels, and extensive technical knowledge. His infrastructure modernization work and ability to organize effective teams continues to keep mission-critical TxDOT services running smoothly for Texas residents.

Michael Dorfman

Michael Dorfman

With over 24 years delivering managed infrastructure services, Michael Dorfman has honed an impressive ability to architect highly secure, resilient technology platforms on limited budgets. He first demonstrated this talent shortly after joining the Dallas-Fort Worth area’s first hosted services provider in the early 2000's. Within a year, Michael was promoted to senior engineer, trusted to deliver projects ahead of schedule while keeping customers fully satisfied.

This reputation for excellence is what caught the attention of Justin Johnson, who recruited Michael to join the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) IT team. TxDOT had struggled for years with a compromised certificate authority deployment plaguing their infrastructure. Michael led a rapid 6-month replacement project that finally restored normal operations – with no outages along the way.

Throughout his career, Michael has become known as an expert in hardened infrastructure design leveraging hypervisor virtualization and multi-layer security controls. Even when working with tight budgetary constraints, he still manages to deploy resilient platforms, often involving at least three or four tiers of storage redundancy while compartmentalizing systems and network access.

His rare mix of infrastructure security knowledge, practical budget sensibilities, and steadfast dedication to customers has made Michael a crucial contributor on every team he’s joined. Any organization looking to modernize their technology stack while optimizing uptime and risk mitigation would benefit greatly by having Mr. Dorfman on their side.